Welcome to our church family...

The Rivers Family Church is a place where you can worship, learn, grow, and develop in your relationship with God. Our desire is to develop committed followers of Jesus Christ to reach the world. We are dedicated to showing people how relevant the Word of God is to our everyday lives.

Gather, Connect, Serve, and Invite

We are a casual church family. Please feel free to come as you are. Attire usually ranges from business casual to jeans and shorts. Every Sunday we gather together to worship God through singing, prayer, giving, and hearing from God’s Word.

There are a few things we HATE…

  • We hate church arrogance. Really.
  • We hate when we leave church feeling worse than when we went in.
  • We hate when churches make people feel like misfits.
  • We hate when churches say they’re there for you but are nowhere to be found.
  • We hate when churches hurt people.
  • We hate when churches say one thing but do another.
  • We hate when the church is used only for networking and personal gain.
  • We hate when people fall away from God because of what a Christian did or said.
  • We really, really hate religion.

…but we love Jesus & love what He’s trying to do in the church of today.

The Rivers Family Church is about connecting everyone to God and raising them to a new life in Christ.